José Manuel Ribeiro started his professional career in 1982 based in Lisbon. As photojournalist and editor worked in news agencies such as LUSA, Reuters, and on Portuguese daily newspaper Publico.

Nowadays works as freelance for AFP, Global Imagens and is contributor for several image banks as well reporter for European Commission of EU, Food Agriculture Organization of UN, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and others.


Developed along the years skills and expertise shooting and editing different areas such as: News, Sports, Environment, Hostile Environments, Daily Life, Arts, Illustration, Portrait, Events, Corporate, Travel and Tourism on singles and reportage, using latest hardware and software technologies on cameras and editing softwares.


Reparage - Shoot scouting locations for working on film, video and photo scenarios has been a high aim.


Along time teatched and organized photography workshops and courses at Instituto Portugues de Fotografia, Curso de Jornalismo do Instituto Politecnico de Abrantes, Curso de Jornalismo do Instituto Politecnico de Lisboa and CENJOR, Centro Protocolar de Formação de Jornalistas.


P K S - Pictures Kiss Solutions. Is the latest project, rolling now on for the medias involving persons, teams, organizations, for a better visual communication, looking for visual solutions by simple projects on an open mind, collaboration mood, aiming the GOAL of true reporting and show of our time and world life.